Want to Get Started with Mobile Robots? FLOW Core is Easy!

Next-generation Software for Omron’s Mobile Robots

Designed to boost the capabilities of LD Series mobile robots and improve fleet management, Omron’s Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core software package simplifies integration, supports flexibility and maximizes reliability for this innovative platform.

As a software platform that also takes care of individual robots’ mapping and navigating functionality, FLOW Core helps you manage an LD fleet with ease. Its primary advantages include charge management, fleet coordination, advanced navigation and seamless integration.

Find out how FLOW Core can increase your robotic solution’s performance and maximize uptime in your facility.

omron flow core

Flexible Functionality for Wide Variety of Applications

  • Intelligent job assignment with queuing management
  • Single software suite with easy MES integration
  • Powerful tools for map creation and editing
  • Task definition and assignment tools
  • Managed motion and efficient traffic control
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance with real-time trajectory predictions
  • Cell Alignment Positioning System (CAPS) for improved accuracy
  • Easy integration with IT systems (MES, ERP and WMS)
The powerful LD Series solution for autonomous materials transport is ideal for automotive assembly and inspection, semiconductor wafer fabrication, mobile device manufacturing, food and beverage stockroom transport, sterilization room transport, laboratory sample transport and more.

An Updated Hardware Platform for the LD Series

Omron’s Enterprise Manager EM2100 will be the new hardware platform for FLOW Core’s mobile robot fleet management functions, given that EM1100 has now been discontinued. EM2100 offers better performance as well as new capabilities to help customers commission systems more quickly and maximize efficiency.

New Capabilities for the LD Series MobilePlanner

We’re also updating MobilePlanner with improved capabilities that provide seamless robot control in the palm of the operator’s hand. As the “control center" of the Mobile Robot Software Suite, MobilePlanner’s user interface has the tools for all major robot activities, including fleet observation, job assignment, and mapping needs.

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