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Submitted on Wed, 10/28/2020
Omron E3AS-HL Series CMOS Photoelectric Sensors

Omron E3AS-HL Series CMOS Photoelectric Sensors allows for more precise part differentiation and detection with easy-teach foreground and background suppression. The OLED display on the sensor lets users verify that they have correctly taught the sensor using the single teach button.

Submitted on Thu, 10/15/2020
Malema Ultrasonic Flow Controller

Malema’s LFC combines an advanced ultrasonic flow sensor, control electronics with DSP signal processing and pinch valve to delivery accurate, repeatable, fast and tight flow control for slurry dispense application.

Submitted on Thu, 10/15/2020
Malema LFC-7000 Series Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Controllers

The LFC-7000 series high-performance closed-loop ultrasonic liquid flow controllers are designed for use in a wide variety of liquids including DI water, harsh chemicals, and CMP polishing slurries.

Submitted by Mott Corporation
on Tue, 10/13/2020
Mott GasShield® Point-of-use Penta® Nickel Bulk Filters

Learn how semiconductor wafer fabs are improving the safety of their bulk oxygen gas systems using Mott's GasShield® Point-of-use Penta® Nickel Bulk Filters and why sintered nickel powder provides the best protection against Oxygen ignition.

Submitted on Wed, 10/07/2020
Parker's Expanding the ACR7000 Multi-Axis Motion Controllers Family

Parker’s Electromechanical & Drives Division announced another expansion of the ACR7000 series product line. The ACR7000 series combines performance, value and scalability that exceeds OEM expectations.

Submitted on Fri, 10/02/2020
Omron D40ML RFID Magnetic Locking Safety Switches

Omron's D40ML magnetic latching combines with RFID technology to deliver high holding force and tamper resistance safety switches.

Submitted on Fri, 10/02/2020
Omron D40P Hall-Effect Coded Magnet Non-Contact Safety Switches

Omron's D40P series of switches use coded magnet actuators and Hall effect technology to provides solid state outputs. This provides increased longevity versus the conventional reed style output or keyed door switches.

Submitted on Fri, 10/02/2020
Omron F3SG Safety Light Curtains

Omron's F3SG series of safety light curtains offer a complete lineup of light curtains that comply with global safety standards and a wide range of functionality that covers all aspects from design through to maintenance.  Learn more in our model option comparison chart.

Submitted on Tue, 09/08/2020
How Do I Size and Select Electric Linear Actuators?

The Motion Control Show provides a crash course of free education online with video courses on topics in industrial electromechanical automation which is great for automation, mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians to reference and fill in gaps in their knowledge.

Submitted by Rick Frauton || United Electric Controls
on Thu, 09/03/2020
Preventative Maintenance and Self Diagnostics

Instrumentation operating in the hazardous areas commonly found in petrochemical refineries are subject to challenging conditions. Preventive maintenance is essential to the safe and proper operation of refineries.