Motion Control and Automation

Submitted by Kair Turubayev || Valin Corporation
Ignoring Alerts: Running VFD’s to Failure

We’ve been finding more and more circumstances where customers find it beneficial to run their variable frequency drives (VFD) to failure, potentially damaging the VFD beyond repair. This is an interesting concept for people to wrap their mind around at first.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting an Autonomous Mobile Robot Vendor

Order picking is perhaps the most time-consuming and labor-intensive activity that is essential to the logistic industry and it's ripe for automation with today's most advanced robotic technologies. Autonomous mobile robots are one of the most effective ways to eliminate cumbersome manual processes and streamline operations.

CSU Chico Capstone Mobile Robot Topper project with Valin

Valin and Omron sponsored a Senior Capstone project at CSU Chico recently. The project was two terms long.  During the first term the students worked on understanding the requirements and designing the solution. Check out their final solution in the blog below.

Submitted by Omron Electronics
Electric Vehicle Manufacturing from Omron

The significant shift to focus on the design and production of electric vehicles and EV-related technologies is evident through the billions of dollars invested by automakers, tier suppliers and government incentives and mandates. Learn how Omron can help with EV Manufacturing.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation

For both process and discrete motion control applications of actuators, many of the terminologies uttered and the base technologies utilized are similar. The difference comes in with the application and evolution of these base technologies.

Easy Upgrade Path for Parker's 6K Controller Discontinuation

After 24 years, Parker's popular 6K has been discontinued. It was the follow-up to Parker's successful 6000 Series controllers which together spanned over 35 years of motion control history!

Seven Remote Access Problems That You Can Solve with Omron's IoT Gateway

As machines become more connected, the need to service equipment remotely is escalating. Production is often running 24/7 and manufacturers expect immediate action from machine specialists. Not having a remote solution creates challenges like high travel costs.

Submitted by Sri Gavin
Wafer Yield in Semiconductor

In a time where the cost of everything is on the rise, operators and decision-makers are more focused than ever on getting the most out of their particular process. This is particularly true for the semiconductor industry.

Mitsubishi Electric Mobile Showroom Tour

Valin and Mitsubishi Electric are joining forces to bring the latest automation solutions to our customers in Arizona.  On board the mobile showroom you will see the latest technology in PLCs, drives, CNCs, motion control, HMIs, energy monitoring and management, industrial robots, and connectivity for MES and ERP applications.

Revolutionizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness in Food and Beverage Packaging

Are downtime and product quality impacting your production efficiency? Find out how Balluff can help revolutionize your overall equipment effectiveness in food and beverage packaging.