Omron H7CC Series Digital Counter/Tachometer

Omron H7CC Series Digital Counter/Tachometer
Omron's H7CC Series Digital Counter/Tachometer offers an upgraded version of the most complete series of counters on the market today. These counters have an optimized user interface for reduced programing time and improved display for faster perception at longer distance in addition to an integrated end of service life warning system.

Customers who manufacture products in volume need to count the units produced in order to accurately fulfill customer orders. Omron's H7CC is a simple way to keep track of the number of units that have passes through a measurement point. This 1/16th DIN form factor pre-set multi-function counter can also serve as a tachometer that monitors the cyclic rate of a rotating device.

Omron H7CC Series Digital Counter/Tachometer Features

  • White LED display offers superior visual clarity and visibility
  • Six up/down buttons for easier setup
  • Improved user interface reduces programing operation by up to 60%
  • Built-in end-of-life alert system


  • Functions as both a counter and a tachometer
  • Displays meaningful information at longer distances
  • Simplifies programming with intuitive UI
  • Helps prevent unplanned downtime

Harsh Environments

Control products can be subjected to harsh environments where they can be splashed during the process or covered in dust or get warm through their location. The H7CC features a NEMA4X (IP66 equivalent) front panel and are suitable for the use in these applications, also the low profile fascia means that they are less prominent in the front of the panel and so less likely to become dirty.

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