Omron K6PM | Thermal Monitoring for Industrial Equipment

K6PM Thermal Condition Monitor
Industrial automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas has a new technology to help facilities get closer to the ultimate goal of zero downtime. By providing continuous, remote thermal monitoring of electrical panels and other components, Omron’s K6PM Thermal Condition Monitoring Device lowers the time and cost required for critical equipment inspections and minimizes the risk of unplanned shutdowns.

The number of parts that need monitoring is increasing in today’s highly automated facilities, but a shortage of maintenance engineers is making it harder to keep up with this demand. As a result, industrial facilities are at a higher risk of unexpected downtime as well as serious accidents. Device failures have various causes, most of which lead to overheating and subsequent insulator breakdown.

The K6PM is a compact, thermal condition monitor that offers continuous thermal monitoring of critical components such as high voltage control panels, transformers, hydraulic equipment, data centers, bearings, gearboxes, and more. It utilizes a controller with a built-in display and a remote thermal image camera.

This product eliminates the need of manual thermal inspections of critical components and allows the user to monitor these components in real-time and at a safe distance.

Having this continuous monitoring will provide the end user with the ability to respond faster to issues, reduce downtime and perform predictive maintenance.

K6PM Thermal Condition Monitor Overview

  • Thermal Imaging Camera that detects temperatures 32-392°F (0-200°C)
  • DIN rail mount controller with built-in temperature display
  • Three level temperature alarms that triggers alarm bar and 24VDC outputs
  • Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP Communication
  • Free PC Monitoring software
  • Abnormal detection algorithms
  • Push-in Plus Terminals

K6PM Thermal Condition Monitor Specification

  • Case material PC
  • Mounting DIN rail
  • Output 3 Transistor outputs (NC), 24VDC rated voltage, max current 50mA DC
  • Supply voltage 24VDC

K6PM Thermal Condition Monitor Applications

  • High Voltage Control Panels
  • Transformers
  • Power Generation
  • High Horsepower Electric motors
  • Hydraulic valves, pumps, and motors
  • Bearings and Gearboxes
  • R&D Test Cells
  • Data Centers
  • Energy Distribution
Download K6PM Thermal Condition Monitor Datasheet

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