Machine Vision with AI-Enhanced Product Inspection

Skilled inspectors are hard to come by these days, and labor costs have risen sharply. Manufacturers are now facing intense pressure to automate processes that rely on the senses of experienced human workers. Particularly when it comes to visual inspection, it's important to reliably identify subtle defects even on flexible lines producing a wide range of items. Traditionally, the sensitivity and knowledge of technicians with long-term experience has been key. However, artificial intelligence is now reaching the stage where it can recognize object features as well as humans and automatically learn criteria. While a lot of AI solutions faces challenges with large amounts of image data, specialized hardware and engineering expertise, Omron is making great progress in enabling its widespread use.

AI Reproduces Human Sensibility and Experience

To solve these challenges, Omron developed new defect detection AI that reproduces the techniques of skilled inspectors. This AI is now part of the FH Vision System.
  • AI captures defects with human-like sensitivity
  • AI identifies good products as well as experienced inspectors
  • No special environment is required

Defect detection tasks that rely on human sensibility are a challenge to automate. Fortunately, powerful new AI technology can match the skills and capabilities of experienced inspectors.

Omron FH Vision System

The latest capabilities of the FH Vision System include a new AI-based image filter that reproduces the technique that skilled inspectors use to identify a defect on any product background. Scratches and blemishes that were once difficult to capture can now be identified even without the use of samples or adjustment.

Defect Inspection

AI Scratch Detect Filter

The AI Scratch Defect Filter learns by means of images in which human inspectors noticed defects. Whereas previous inspection methods found the unexpected size, shape or color of a particular defect to be a barrier to automation, AI successfully extracts abnormalities by judging their features without definition. The learned data facilitates defect detection on processed surfaces and other uneven backgrounds that previously posed an insurmountable challenge.

AI Scratch Detect Filter

Omron's AI Fine Matching tool learns from the image data of non-defective products to quickly acquire the "expertise" that inspectors develop over the course of many years. This reduces costs and boosts productivity through automation.

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