Omron's MicroHAWK V Series | Barcode Reading at it's Best!

MicroHAWK F430/F420
Are your product inspections getting too complex? Perhaps it’s time to find a way to reduce the number of devices you’re using for this purpose.

By combining code reading and inspection tasks into a single device, Omron’s MicroHAWK platform significantly lowers hardware costs and minimizes the amount of work needed for wiring and maintenance.

With powerful technologies providing autofocus capabilities and exceptional resolution, the MicroHAWK F430/F420 Series is designed to offer greater flexibility in production line layouts.

Key Features of the F430/F420 Series
  • High speed 0.3MP, 1.2 MP monochrome, or high-resolution 5-megapixel color sensor options
  • Long-lasting liquid autofocus lens for greater flexibility
  • Compact size for easy mounting on small robots
  • Wide variety of I/O interfaces, including EtherNet/IP and PROFINET

Designed to Perform

Addressing the challenge of reliably reading a variety of barcodes on different surfaces at high speeds in difficult factory environments, MicroHAWK barcode readers and smart cameras use powerful X-Mode algorithms to render damaged and incomplete symbols readable. For reliable decoding at the speed you need, they come standard with speeds up to 60 Frames Per Second.

Design your next-level solution for traceability, quality control or vision inspection with a technology that combines advanced optics with monochrome and color image sensors of up to a 5MP resolution and a variety of fixed-focus and autofocus lens options.

Meeting traceability objectives for Industry 4.0

Meeting traceability objectives for Industry 4.0
Life Sciences
  • Regulatory compliance via barcoding on labels and direct part marked products
  • Anti-counterfeiting via serialization
  • Automation and accuracy assurance of laboratory samples
Consumer Packaging
  • One-step-forward/one-step-backward traceability regulations
  • Raw material inventory optimization
  • OEE measurement and process optimization via lot and unit-level quality tracking
  • Reject/recall containment and response efficiency
  • Visual quality checks to protect brand image
  • Tool and process quality control tracking
  • Matching paired components
  • Vision-based defect detection
  • Unit level tracking of components, quality issue containment and rapid response
  • Anti-counterfeiting via serialization and barcode-embedded information
  • Analyzing traceability data to determine which machines and processes require optimization
  • Scanning barcodes to follow production “recipes” and enable lights-out manufacturing
  • Using traceability to streamline testing processes

Intuitive and Simple to Use

MicroHAWK: Intuitive and Simple to Use
Connects via LAN or Wifi

MicroHAWK barcode readers and smart cameras lead the industry for effortless setup and installation. Simply connect the MicroHAWK to power and to your PC, laptop, or tablet via USB, Ethernet, or serially, and configure your application.

Providing the most intuitive controls of any barcode reading setup tool, WebLink ushers in the age of usability to this essential task.

WebLink Browser Based Interface
  • World’s first web-based barcode reader interface
  • No software to download or install
  • Compatible with any MicroHAWK reader
  • One-click symbol training and optimization tools
  • Automatic image storage from camera to external server

Why use multiple devices for code reading and vision inspection when a single camera can do it all?

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