Instructor-Led Training

This 3 day training course introduces you to programming techniques and instructions that will assist you in successfully configuring and programming an Omron series PLC system using Omron CX/ONE software, and provides you with the knowledge and practice to interpret, isolate, and diagnose common hardware problems related to noise, power, & I/O.
Are you confident your machines are guarded to the relevant standards? Have all steps been taken to prevent injuries from process equipment? Has a documented machine guarding assessment been done to verify compliance?
Discover the benefits of the ROBO Cylinder lineup through our hands-on training. See how easy and affordable the ROBO Cylinder electric actuators are in meeting your needs. All attendees will be provided with a ROBO Cylinder complete ERC2 Demo kit (controller/USB adapter) to be used during the ROBO Expo.
Heat Trace Seminar
This one and a half hour workshop provides technical instruction on the three basic types of heat trace; self regulating, constant wattage, and mineral insulated cable. It provides information about applications and information for each cable type. How to properly design, and control systems for the heat trace systems.
Tank Heating Seminar
This one hour workshop provides technical instruction on tank heating applications
This one hour workshop provides hands-on instruction on how to properly install and maintain fittings. This is ideal for facilities concerned with safety & fugitive emissions.
Refinery Safety Training
Valin is pleased to offer the following courses on safety training for refineries.
Our research found that less than .5% of a plants maintenance budget is spent on lubricants. Downstream effects of poor lubrication on equipment causes as much as 30% of a plants total maintenance cost per year.  Companies are under valuating the role of lubricant in machine reliability.
Tube Line Fabrication
This 1.5 hour workshop provides hands-on instruction on tube fittings, how to select the right materials and how to cut and bend tubing.