Valin’s Newly Renovated Mobile Technology Vehicle

Submitted by Corey Foster
on Mon, 06/24/2013
Valin®’s newly renovated Mobile Technology Vehicle features a new interactive demo that runs on four, 40” screens. The demo is divided into four section; Process Control, Instrumentation, Filtration, and Process Heat. Each screen is interactive and connects to its own computer which contains individual software applications and other pertinent content. The interactive demonstration allows us to zoom in on specific application sections providing our customers with more meaningful solutions based discussions. Touch screen interactivity virtually demonstrates how each of the individual application components work, as well as how the continuous application operates seamlessly together. The demonstration walks the viewer from heating to stage filtration to instrumentation and measurement, to control, automation, and finally networking. Valin® is your partner is managing the entire pipeline. We don’t just sell product we offer complete solutions from application design to start up to on-site service.
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