Off-Loop Filters Save Time and Money

Submitted by Tim Tritch
Eight Reasons Why Off-Loop Filters Work
1. Filtering Velocity Flow velocity only 5% (prox.) of system velocity. Particle retention, media efficiency and water removal are most effective at low flow.

2. Filter Element Costs Off-loop filter elements are 30% to 60% less costly than the main filter elements. Extend life of expensive system filter elements.
3. Solids Removal Filter media ratings available from 0.2 to 40 microns. Operators can change micron rating at any time without system shutdown.

4. Water Removal Water removing elements work best at low flow rates. Continuous water expulsion protects bearings and other critical parts.

5. Acid Reduction if system is "acid-prone", change elements to fullers earth, activated alumina or other acid reduction media. (Ask for instructions).

6. No Production Shut-down for any reason, off-loop filters can be shut-down without jeopardizing machinery operation. No lost production time.

7. Clean Lube-Oil, Every day Off-loop filters produce clean, dry oil for the entire lube oil system. Temporary filter carts do not produce fresh oil continuously.

8. Sampling Time Reduced Cut reservoir sampling time by at least 50%. Sample-taking procedure is consistent and cannot be violated.