Solution to Address Noise Abatement Laws

Submitted by Metso Engineering Team
The noise abatement laws and health and safety legislation are becoming increasingly strict. Metso introduces Q2- Trim, the optimum solution for noise problems, that at the same time fulfills all legislative requirements and customer needs.

Stop Noise Before it is Born

With new Q2- Trim technology, the noise reduction can be up to -30 dB(A). This creates the optimum solution for noise attenuation. Without detached resistors the valves with Q2- Trim are easy to install and fit onto the pipeline. The benefits of a compact valve size include a decreased need for pipeline support and more options for mounting positions.

The new Q2- Trim offers multiple advantages:
  • Ensures a safe working environment
  • Protects the process plant and surroundings
  • Enables stabile process control and longer uninterrupted plant runtime
  • Fulfills all legal requirements
  • Easy valve selection with Nelprof valve sizing program

Neles Q2- Trim takes the patented Q-trim technology to new level

The technology is a combination of various techniques:
  • Pressure staging
  • Flow division
  • Peak frequency shifting
  • Velocity control

Some of the key applications:

Q2 – Trim has several key application in various fields
  • Power
  • Oil & gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Industrial gas
  • Chemical industry

Metso Q2 Trim

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