Creating Value with Sensing Technology

Submitted by Omron
on Tue, 04/30/2019
The right sensors can boost equipment longevity, promote flexibility and improve efficiency.

Omron Sensors

For manufacturers in all industries, sensing technology provides the foundation for quality control, predictive maintenance and, in some cases, flexible manufacturing. Robots require sensors to know where parts and pallets are located so that they can perform pick-and-place tasks without requiring every minute detail to be explicitly preprogrammed.

Sensors also capture variations in physical properties of works-in-progress – such as color, size or shape – to determine whether these items are of the required quality and what further actions should be taken on them. Similarly, sensors detect changes in machine function over time that could indicate impending breakdown.

All else being equal, most manufacturers prefer sensors with a lower cost. However, the overall cost of a sensor isn’t determined by price tag alone. As an integral part of production line equipment, sensors have a huge impact on the costs associated with equipment longevity, brand protection and nearly every aspect of production. It’s crucial to keep this in mind and select sensors accordingly.

This white paper will provide an overview of several ways that sensors can help cut costs and increase value, including the following:
  • Advances in quality control and operational efficiency
  • Resistance to typical causes of sensor breakdown
  • Mounting options to enhance flexibility
  • Improvements in predictive maintenance

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