Advanced Sensing Solutions for Cost-Effective Machine Building

Submitted by Omron
on Thu, 05/02/2019
Learn how the right sensors can cut machine building costs, improve flexibility and boost customer satisfaction.

How Omron Sensors Deliver Value to Your Machines

Sensing technology has a major presence in manufacturing machinery. It provides the foundation for maintaining consistent quality and detecting any variations in machine performance. If subtle changes in the physical properties of a machine can cause it to fail, then the sensors responsible for detecting those changes can save manufacturers lengthy downtime and repair costs.

In addition to helping cut costs of machine maintenance, the sensors also present an opportunity to make the machines more cost-efficient. Whether through their resistance to harsh chemicals or their ability to reduce the overall machine footprint, the right sensors can make a big difference.

This white paper will provide an overview of the following ways that intelligently designed sensors can make machine design more cost-effective:
  • Reduction of machine footprint through reduced wiring
  • Resistance to typical causes of sensor breakdown
  • Improvements in predictive maintenance
  • Additional benefits of IIoT-ready sensors

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