Valin Delivers Specialized Dampers for Flue Gas


Valin recently had the opportunity to bid on large specialized dampers for flue gas with a leading engineering and equipment firm. The firm supplies industrial precipitators, scrubbers, condensers, and heat exchangers to paper mills, refineries, and mines all over the world. While working with engineers on a smelter environmental project, the Valin team assured them that Valin was very capable of supplying non-standard complex damper assemblies and would use the customer specified actuators with Valin specified controls and accessories. The firm agreed, and submitted a bid package for five 54” heavy duty all stainless dampers with actuators and controls.


Valin worked with the engineers to put together a list of specifications. The final solution consisted of custom fabricated dampers mounted with pneumatic vane actuators and digital valve controllers.

The units were assembled in Valin’s Portland, Oregon facility. Our team added a de-clutch manual override (for manual operation should the plant shut down), position feedback switches for proof of travel, lock up device for failsafe mode, bleed valves and custom calibration curves so the damper would never close at the loss of supply air or control signal.

Valin won this bid because of our teamwork, resources, expertise, and competitive price. The culmination of intelligent purchasing, in-house engineering and quotations capabilities, ability to expedite shipping and lower the shipping costs from freight agreements, in-house assembly, and calibration from a skilled technician, is what made Valin rise above the rest.

Customer Benefits

The engineering and equipment company could deliver the custom dampers to their end customer on time and under budget. Valin’s ability to make multiple changes to the custom assemblies after the original order had been placed also saved the customer time and money. Valin’s expertise at complex assemblies, handling order changes and getting it done on time made a very good impression on the customer. The firm now sees Valin as their go-to partner for complex assemblies.