Total Cost Saving Program For a Major Refinery in California

A major refinery in California turned to Valin to help them solve a problem with their sample cylinders. This customer has many sample cylinders that are used to transport a process sample from a refinery unit to the lab to test for recipe accuracy. They are using cylinders from multiple suppliers to assemble the final units.
The lab technician was spending up to 8 hours a week in overtime rebuilding the valves due to excessive shut off torque required to seal the valves for transport. Many of the valve seats would crush or break causing the sample to leak to atmosphere causing the need to rebuild. At times the lab was trying to test an empty cylinder due to leakage. The lab technician was also spending up to 20 minutes per unit to assemble to specification.
Valin was able to provide a Sample Cylinder Assembly using all Parker components. Our Dublin Technology Center has the capability to provide a sample cylinder assembly to the customer’s specification; cylinder sizes, valve type, quick disconnect type, and even sulfur inert coated. The unique design of the Parker V4LC and RV6C valves provide positive shut off without the need to over torque. Parker’s wide range of components allows Valin the ability to provide almost all variations of sample cylinder assemblies.
With Valin providing a complete sample cylinder assembly, the lab technician is now able to spend time and resources on more productive activities. Also, there is no longer the need to stock different valve assemblies, quick disconnects, and rebuild kits. Valin was able to provide a Total Cost Saving Program.