Omron's NJ501-1340 CPU Reduces Setting Time by more than 60%

By Corey Foster & Omron


Omron’s NJ removes the need for a computer to interpret between the PLC and host system.


The semiconductor, FPD, LED and solar panel manufacturing industries are demanding the development of equipment using industry standard SECS/GEM communications. When a Controller for machine control, such as a PLC, is connected with the host computer to perform SECS/GEM communications, the hardware design is complicated as a separate computer or special communication unit/software is required. This results in higher equipment development costs and long lead times.


Omron’s new NJ501-1340 CPU unit integrates both machine control and communication functionality, meaning the NJ controller can be directly connected with the existing host to establish SECS/GEM communications, eliminating the need of a separate computer or special communications unit. Unlike previous CPU units, the NJ series uses variables for programming and is free from complicated address setting and management.  In addition, the SECS/GEM Configurator helps perform SECS/GEM communications quicker and easier.  This produces a significant reduction in the time required for setting SECS/GEM communications by more than 60% compared to the previous method (based on OMRON investigation).

Omron NJ Controller


Cost-effective SECS/GEM communications
  • No separate computer, special unit or software is required for communications with the host
  • Direct connection of the CPU unit with the host enables equipment to be downsized
  • Simple system configuration increases maintainability of equipment

Easy design with SECS/GEM Configurator
  • Programming with variables eliminates the need to specify memory addresses
  • SECS/GEM communications can be established using only one CPU unit, without communications between separate computer and machine controller
  • The SECS/GEM Configurator facilitates project design and reduces development time

Conforming to international SEMI standards
  • Conformity to SEMI standards for the semiconductor, FPD, LED, and PV manufacturing industries allows users to develop equipment globally.
  • SEMI standards - full-GEM support

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