Oil Leak Detection Solutions for Power Generation Industry

TTK will reduce down-time, maintain plant safety, and prevent environmental hazards with an effective and accurate oil leak detection system. Automate leak detection and integrate into a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), mitigating human error and increase response time to critical leaks.

TTK Oil Leak Detection Solutions for Power Generation Industry

TTK Continuously Monitors Oil Leaks in a Power Generation Facility

Critical Equipment
  • Transformers (Main, PT, Excitation, Auxiliary, Generator Step-Up, SUS, SFC)
  • Heat exchangers
  • Fuel oil & Diesel storage tanks
  • Backup generators and associated equipment
  • Lubricating Equipment (process enclosure, seal oil, turning gear, slip ring, excitation brushes, EHC)
  • Combustion Turbine Base Enclosure
  • Air Compressors

  • Storm water sump
  • Oil / water separators
  • Fire water enclosure
  • Potable water well
  • Surface water intake
  • Cooling Towers
  • Cooling Pumps

TTK patented hydrocarbon detection is via a sensing element which is a coaxially extruded silicone jacket element containing Carbon Black. The black wire swells by quickly absorbing liquid hydrocarbon (lubrication oil or petroleum products). The outer layer of the black sensor wire is a watertight electrical insulator, permeable for liquid hydrocarbon only.

TTK Cable Diagram

As the conductor swells, an integral microprocessor monitors for resistance. Once that resistance threshold is achieved, a leak response will be transmitted to the controller.

How Does TTK Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System Work?

How Does TTK Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System Work?

TTK Addressable diesel oil sensing cable: FG-OD
TTK, the world’s leading manufacturer of Liquid Leak Detection Systems for over 30 years, provides reliable and fast response oil and water leak detection solutions to mission critical areas, such as power generating facilities, nuclear plants, tank farms, oil, and gas industry, and well as commercial buildings. TTK oil leak detection systems are based on addressable sensing cables/point sensors and leak monitoring panels.


TTK Addressable diesel oil point sensor: FG-ODP

Reusable Oil Sensing Cables and Oil Point Sensors

  • Truly cleanable and reusable cables allowing to minimize your equipment costs
  • Fast response to hydrocarbon liquids such as diesel oil, fuel, crude oil, gasoline
  • Unreactive to water and pollutants
  • Leak location on section length
  • A range of reusable and addressable sensing cables and point sensors available


TTK FG-NET range of high capacity digital leak monitoring panel

Leak Monitoring Panels

  • Simultaneous leaks/cable break faults can be detected on independent circuits and sensors.
  • Faults are called out by type and associated cable section
  • Modbus (RTU / Ethernet), TPC/IP, Dry Contact
  • Integral mapping for quick leak locating
  • A range of monitoring panels for small, medium, and large installation scales available

TTK Four (or Eight) zones leak monitoring panel (FG-AL4/8-00)

Advantages of TTK Reliable Oil Leak Detection Solutions for Power Generation

  • Quick Detection
  • No Nuisance Alarms
  • Reusable Detectors
  • Modular and Expandable System
  • Installation and Maintenance Cost Reduction*
  • Automate and Integrate for an Unmanned Solution

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