Introducing EPC's Programmable Linear Measurement Solution

EPC Programmable Linear Measurement Solution
The EPC Programmable Linear Measurement Solution allows for the selection of the encoder type (absolute or incremental), output type or protocol, measuring wheel type and size, optional mounting bracket, and optional programming kit. This wide array of component choices permit a flexible, robust measurement solution that can be fine tuned to meet the exact requirements of the customer.

Step 1: Start with your spring-loaded mounting bracket

Start with your spring-loaded mounting bracket
Stock #176742-02
This spring-loaded mounting bracket fits 2.5” shafted encoders with servo mounts, and 58 mm shafted encoders with clamping flanges. It allows convenient application of an encoder and measuring wheel solution directly to a surface being measured. The bracket features a torsion spring, adjustable to up to 10 lbs of force, which permits the encoder and measuring wheel to be mounted in almost any orientation, even upside down. The single pivot action allows the assembly to adjust travel and wheel pressure for variations in material height.

All units in inches unless otherwise noted.

Step 2: Choose your encoder

For programmable incremental or absolute feedback, choose one of these encoders. Other encoder options are available.

Model 255P, Model A58SE, Model A5SB

Step 3: Select your measuring wheel

Choose from four different materials for your measuring wheel: polyurethane, knurled aluminum, knurled anodized aluminum, or rubber insert. Below are recommended sizes, but additional wheels are available.

measuring wheel: Urethane, Knurled Aluminum, Knurled Anodized Aluminum, Rubber Insert

Step 4: Consider your accessories:

Angle Mounting Bracket

Stock #  176389-01 – Angle Mounting Bracket
This bracket simplifies installation of your linear measurement solution. Designed specifically for EPC products, this bracket allows you to mount and install your encoder, bracket, and measuring wheel solution quickly and easily, without having to design, machine, or source a mounting solution.


USB Programming Module

Stock #  PR1-001-10 – USB Programming Module
This module is required for field programming capability for the Model 25SP.


Download EPC Programmable Linear Measurement Solution Datasheet

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