Barksdale Intelligent Transmitters (BiT) with HART® Communication Protocol

Barksdale is pleased to announce the release of its first digital pressure transmitter family with HART® communication protocol: Series BiT. Their new BiT, short for Barksdale Intelligent Transmitters, has two product series: Series 450X, with explosion proof rated enclosure, designed for hazardous area applications in Oil & Gas industry; and Series 450, which is designed for high pressure test & measurement and general industrial applications.

Barksdale Intelligent Transmitters (BiT) with HART® Communication Protocol

BiT, Series 450 and 450X, are part of our new line of high-pressure transmitters designed with advanced electronics and sensing technologies to maintain stability, reduce downtime, maintenance and calibration costs. They offer 24-standard pressure ranges from vacuum to 30,000 psi (2,000 Bar), multiple electrical and process connections, and high accuracy to 0.1% FSO (including Linearity, Hysteresis and Repeatability). Both BiT product series offer three basic models: 1) 4-20 mA output with HART® communication protocol, 2) 4-20 mA output, 3) 1-5 VDC output with optional custom voltage output up to 10 VDC.

BiT, Series 450 and 450X, with HART® protocol provides additional information beyond the normal process variable. They offer diagnostic, device status and other calibration capabilities, including remote span adjustability and Zero trim. HART® communication protocol provides all this information, digitally, with no changes to the existing pair of 4-20 mA wiring. The digital signal is superimposed on the 4-20 mA current-loop and is supported by all major PLC manufacturers with a simple I/O module upgrade.

In addition to HART® capabilities, BiT Series 450 & 450X have raised the bar for accuracy and stability with thin-film sensing technology that provides long-term stability and high accuracy.  The long-term stability of thin-film technology increases the time between calibration intervals reducing maintenance cost and maintaining accuracy between calibration intervals.

“Barksdale has been successfully designing and supplying pressure transmitter solutions for over 35 years,” said Barksdale’s VP, General Manager-Oil & Gas, Tarun Shivlani. “For our new BiT, we used our extensive pressure transmitter design expertise and combined it with the globally-accepted HART® Protocol standard to produce a high-performance, stainless-steel transmitter that is smaller than competitors in its class.”

BiT, Series 450X are explosion proof models that provide hazardous area explosion protection to meet North American, European and international standards with cULus, ATEX, IECEx and Single Seal certifications. The explosion proof enclosure is an all-welded stainless-steel and is IP66 & IP67 and NEMA 4X rated. Typical applications for Series 450X models include offshore control panels and other Oil and Gas process and production equipment.

The BiT 450 series is for unclassified area use for OEM heavy mobile equipment testing. The series includes popular industrial and MS Style connectors for easy connection and is cULus approved for ordinary locations.

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